Jennifer Black Surrounded by Students at Desks

An Open Letter to Parents, Guardians, and the Washington Elementary Community;

Washington has a historical place in Junction City, Kansas.  It is one of the first schools erected in Junction City and still has some of the original woodwork from 1914 in the building.  Washington Elementary has a twin school in our district, Franklin Elementary.  The buildings were built about the same time and used identical architecture.

Over the years, Washington has undergone several different renovations.  The original building was 1928.  We then had an addition in the 1940’s, then again in the 1970’s and the most recent was in 2012.  These additions have allowed our school to become prepared for the 21st century student needs.

Our deep roots in the community allow Washington to have a legacy of successes.  Washington continues to grow and achieve to meet the highest levels of academic goals.  We want ALL our students to READ, WRITE and PROBLEM SOLVE at the highest levels.  We want our students to be our leaders for tomorrow.

Our teachers are here for our students to ACHIEVE academic success.  Our students must perform so that they have CHOICES in life.  It is fine if they want to be the manager at the local pizza place.   However if they want to be the next Attorney General of Kansas, we want them to have the skills to make that choice also.

We cannot make this success without the input of our families.  We have them for seven hours a day, you have them for the other seventeen hours.  Only through our combined efforts can we make our students the best they can be so they can ACHIEVE anything they desire.

Please join us in making your student a successful learner.

Jennifer Black, Principal

Washington Elementary Building