Bulldog Engineers

Students participating in engineering class

At Washington the third graders have been working very hard to prepare themselves for their future! Being able to work with a team to accomplish a goal is something that is practiced daily. On Wednesday, these bulldogs were able to get a look at what it may be like to work on an engineering and programming team.

For one hour, with the help of Mr. Dinkel, Washington’s STEM coach, the students learned how to design a moving vehicle in the library by using Lego WeDo robotics. This is a structured engineering program that utilizes iPads, Legos, and problem solving! Using an iPad, each pair of students located the necessary Lego pieces to assembly a vehicle. Once built, the students used their technology to sync each rover to the iPad and control it.

The third graders programmed different movements for their vehicles. Mr. Dinkel helped the student’s problem solve and find out how to change the direction and speed of each rover and even enable them to talk. Every pair of students was able to create and drive their creation around the school’s library.

Through some great teamwork, the Washington Elementary third graders were able to accomplish the task set in front of them. These future engineers are looking forward to working with the Lego WeDo program next month to continue their early careers in engineering and programming, and finding other ways to solve our world’s problems.

Article provided by Kady Kilongkilong, Third grade teacher at Washington Elementary

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