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Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

Bulldog Families,

Happy New Year!!!

New thinking…

New promises…

New resolutions…

New financial plan…

New organization…

I love using January as a FRESH start for myself and family. I typically clean out closets, make yearly goals and re-establish financial budgets. It’s a time for you to establish some goals for your family and child. Set a resolution to read nightly, check book bags and get to bed on time. Sleep improves thinking. There is more research than ever that says WE all need sleep to think well during the day. Setting goals will improve your child’s ability to complete tasks. Please help your child with this endeavor.

January and February are “crunch” times for learning. WE need your student HERE and ON TIME every day during these months. WE have A LOT  to get  accomplished and once March hits, time flies…. To help encourage timeliness, we are beginning a new initiative, “TIMELY TATERS”! This initiative is to reinforce students for being at school and on time. HELP your class earn a TATER TOT party by earning Mr. Potato Head parts and clocks.

Enjoy the new year…2018!

Jennifer Black


Bulldog Families,

With the cold weather approaching, I just    wanted to take a bit of your time to talk about Lice. I know is not everyone’s favorite topic when discussing our students. Lice are a known “nuisance”  and are not known to carry disease. It is the policy of the district, that we do not     exclude children from school with lice and we do not do  classroom head checks. Also, parents will not be notified if a student in the classroom has lice. If your student has  live lice or nits, their hair will be checked at school and the parent or guardian will be notified if a student in the  classroom has lice. If your student has lice or nits, their hair will be checked at school and the parent will be notified that they will need to be treated with lice shampoo before returning. The school nurse will also comb the students hair and try to      remove as many live lice and nits as  possible    before sending them back to the  classroom. Once treated, students are free to return the next day! Encourage your students to not share items such as hairbrushes, combs, hats, jackets, etc.


Mrs. Lemon, BSN,RN



Back to school – January 4th

No School – Monday  January 15th


We hope you had a wonderful winter break! This month we will really be focusing on reading our shared stories       independently. We will also be learning about the difference in day and night and things we see in the sky such as the sun, moon, and stars. We will be starting our community helpers unit towards the end of the month! In math, we will be  starting to learn addition and substraction to 10! Please continue to have your child read every night and keep         practicing those sight words!

The Kinder Squad


To start off the new year, First grade will be     exploring New Year’s Resolutions, the life and  legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. , and the great state of Kansas! In math we will dig deeper into place value and comparing numbers. We will also begin our unit over international writing. Here’s to a brand new semester!

Mrs. Hout, Mrs. Sigle, Ms. Simpkins, and Ms. Beemer


Welcome back! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Second grade is going to be very busy this month! We are going to continue working on our    addition and subtraction skills to 1,000. In social studies we are going to begin working on economics and learning about goods and services. For writing, we will begin writing opinion pieces. Please continue to listen to your child read and sign their read and respond!


Third graders in math class have been working on finding the value of variables in multiplication and division equations. They are also showing improvements on skip counting.


Welcome back!  In math we will be finishing multiplication and division and moving into fractions. For reading, make sure your child is      reading at least 20 minutes each night and bringing back their form signed. In social studies, we will continue learning about the regions in the United States. We will be starting opinion pieces in writing. In  science we are learning about magnets. There will be no school on the 15th. The 25th is STEM night, and the 29th is Kansas Day       activities. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you,

Miss Hansen and Miss Heigert


Bravo to the 4th and 5th grade on their music program last month! Please look for the 2nd and 3rd graders’ music program next month on February 15th.

Mrs. Betley


A new year is upon us and 5th grade is in full swing. After a restful break, we have begun our study on government and presidents. Each student has been assigned a president to research and report on. Ask them about their president. We’re sure they love to tell you about what they’ve learned so far! We are beginning our persuasive writing unit, as well. We finished up our multiplication and division unit before break and are currently working on fractions.                   We continually appreciate your support and we thank you for everything you do!

The 5th Grade Team


In the Gym with Mr. Schwarz

Welcome to a new year and many more great times in the gym. During the new year students will be continuing to get more and more fit during P.E. class. I hope that     everyone sets fitness goals for themselves and families workout together to achieve goals. Happy New Year.

Physical Education Rocks

Mr. Schwarz


Library Corner

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had an excellent break! After a long break, it is time to check out some new books. Remember to return or renew any books you have checked out before the break.

The library is always looking for new books to add to the collection. We are open to all recommendations. If you have a book or series that you would like to see in the library, let us know.

Hope to see you soon!


Booster Club

Happy New Year! Here is our upcoming January events!

Penny War Competition January 8th– 26th

Box Top Turn in January 31st

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