Flu Reminder

Letter about the fluHello Bulldog Families!

     Influenza is very contagious! One of the best ways to protect you and your family is to get vaccinated. The vaccination not only protects your student, but it will also protect his or her friends here at school. Our goal is to keep them all healthy enough this flu season to stay in the classroom!

 What is Influenza? : Disease in the respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs)

  • Flu symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, extreme tiredness
  • Top virus-contaminated areas at home:
    • Telephones, appliances, faucets, light switches, door handles, TV/game remotes
  • Tips:
    • Frequent hand washing
    • Cough/sneeze into elbow
    • Disinfect common objects at home and school
    • Plenty of rest and plenty of water!

            ……and reminders!

Students must stay home if their temperature is 100.0 degrees or more.

Student must stay home until fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication.

Vomiting students must be kept home until vomit free for 24 hours.

Please be sure to call your ill child’s absence in to our secretary by 7:45 am at 785-717-4690. If you know the night before that they will be absent you may leave a voicemail.

Lots of Hand-washing!

Jessica Lemon, BSN, RN